Glenn Greenwald has the details – so go read his complete article – but basically a large number of right wing blogs are confused as to why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would want to assassinate Carter and Clinton, and in the case of at least one blog (LGF) commenters are actively supporting terrorism against former Presidents.

It should be noted that LGF was one of the blogs most vehemently bashing HuffPost and liberals since some anonymous posters had wished for Cheney’s death (and note, HuffPost deleted all of the offending posts because they did not wish to be a venue for that kind of wingnuttery). And Michelle Malkin is virtually constantly bleating about liberals, using a smattering of anonymous comments as representative of the “liberal left”, while the strongest criticism she can come up with for Coultergeist is “CPAC is a family event, and that kind of language is not appropriate”. Pfft.

A few samples of the comments at LGF (which it should be noted, have NOT been pulled, despite the fact that steps have been taken to block references to LGF from Greenwald’s blog, and despite the fact that the site is known for banning posters – who must be registered – who post things the site admins do not agree with):

Can we furlough him–just so he can realize the Carter plot? Please?

/Is this wrong?

“Mohammed also admitted to planning assassination attempts on former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.”
Even this schmuck had some good ideas.

And then there are the people confused that terrorists would want to kill liberals since, you know, we’re on the same side as the terrorists.

I would have thought Carter would receive professional courtesy.

Really, why would Islamic terrorists plan to kill Jimmy Carter…the man is their best friend.

Anyway, Greenwald has details and screenshots, and points out that – two days in now – all’s quiet on the media front.

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