03-14-07_1312.jpg After Strickland’s State of the State speech, ONN’s crack political reporters were on the scene at the State House to find out what people like State Senator Kevin Coughlin thought of the speech.

Not suprisingly, Mr. Coughlin hated the school voucher cut and the proposal to eliminate for-profit schools- what he calls the ‘proposal to eliminate school choice’.

He claims to be puzzled by the choice since most of the people who benefit from the vouchers are “inner city … african american families” aka: Strickland’s “own constituencies”. (what is he saying? Blacks only vote for Democrats?) Which, of course, is not true– plenty of rich families abuse the voucher system to get the state to pay for their own children’s education at private schools.

But we shouldn’t be suprised by his opinion. Not at all.

The FACT is: Kevin Coughlin gets TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of private school companies (e.g. David Brennan)!

  • Johnny Springfield

    If you don’t know it by now, Coughlin’s knitt-picking, dogging remarks of Strickland show his cards for 2010 — a run for governor. But Kevin will have to duke it out first with fellow Republican, House Speaker Jon Husted of Dayton. Coughlin’s angle of argument to Strickland of “why haven’t you corrected in two months the problems we Republicans created over 16 years” is typical of the spite and vindictiveness of Republicans, especially Republicans who lost big last year and who stand to lose even bigger in 08 when the Dems take back Columbus and Washington D.C. Grow up Kevin! Hoping for further ruin in Ohio so you have a platform to run on in 2010 is not smart, not right and will be as transparent to Ohio voters as your cries of Wolf are today.

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