strickland.jpgTed Strickland was getting a bunch of standing ovations from the entire audience.

The Republicans seemed to love the talk about cutting the budget- until he announced he was cutting the EdChoice Program (school vouchers) from his budget.

That got a bunch of woo-hoos from the Democrats in the room- and sad looks from the Republicans.

  • Mama Zambrano

    This is very sad. I attended public school all they did was babysit me until my folks came home from working eight or more hours a day. Then, my mom and pop still had to teach me how to read, write, and think logically. Thinking is not taught in goverment education just rote memory.

  • It’s unfortunate that you appear to have gone to a bad school, but I can assure you that the problems outlined at your linked site are not caused by or limited to public schooling.

    I, in fact, transferred from a Catholic school – where my parents sent me because of the excellent college prep programs and emphasis on Catholic values – to the local public school because as a special-needs student the Catholic school could not meet my educational needs. I had an excellent public school education, with lots of personalized educational opportunities. I had more advanced studies opportunities, with a focus on critical and innovative thinking.

    My mother still teaches at an excellent suburban school system, dealing with developmentally handicapped school children, who private schools are just unable to provide for.

    There is no reason public schools can’t be outstanding. In fact, many of them are. School voucher programs just take tax money and hand it to private for-profit entities.

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