From the daily archives: Friday, March 9, 2007

I know Jerid already broke this story with his mad investigative-blogging skills.

But I thought it worth mentioning again since it is now official. Also- I loved the wonderfully generic quote by David “MMMBop” Hansen…

Former Blackwell Spokesman Named Buckeye Institute Communications Vice President
The Hannah Report
March 9, 2007

Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions has announced that Carlo LoParo, a media relations director for former
Secretary of State Ken Blackwell who also served as his spokesman during Blackwell’s gubernatorial campaign, will
become its vice president for communications.

LoParo will coordinate the institute’s media […]

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Mother Jones has the data. Even if you exclude real terror attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan (and why would you?), terrorism is up. Including those countries, it’s 7x what it was in 2002.

Great policy, George. The “GWOT” (or whatever they’ve rebranded it as now) has been a smashing disaster.

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