pic4.jpgIt seems the “Godzilla Gang” – the annointed ones who get to tell us what is and what isn’t an “important issue” have weighed in on global warming and the action of the National Association of Evangelicals in talking about the moral implications of taking action on global warming:

Leaders of several conservative Christian groups have sent a letter urging the National Association of Evangelicals to force its policy director in Washington to stop speaking out on global warming.

The conservative leaders say they are not convinced that global warming is human-induced or that human intervention can prevent it. And they accuse the director, the Rev. Richard Cizik, the association?s vice president for government affairs, of diverting the evangelical movement from what they deem more important issues, like abortion and homosexuality.

Abortion and homosexuality. Brilliant! That anyone listens to these people is beyond me. How about THAT for strong arming? Attempting to force the policy director to stop speaking out? What do our friends on the right say about free speech now? No such thing in Godzilla Land. You are either with us or you’sa ‘gainst us!

Somone remind these dumbasses that the guy they got in the White House right now stalled a decades long abortion rate decline with his policies. Chew on that for a bit. Tens of thousands MORE abortions happened and no amount of driving around in trucks with photos of aborted fetuses on them is going to change that. Have Dobson and crew work to raise the standards of poor people some instead of being apologists for those who exacerbate the rich-poor gap – that would actually be DOING something about abortion rates and not just sermonizing about it.

Bullying Christofascists are the worst kind.