Like a lot of you, I recently voted in BSB’s March straw poll- and I surprised myself by voting for Wesley Clark.

I guess I didn’t realize, until that moment, how uninspired I was by the other candidates (i.e. the actual politicians) also vying for the democratic nomination. I also didn’t realize that other people felt the same way.

It turns out that 26% of the BSB straw poll voters selected Clark ? putting him in a close second behind Obama(29%) and WAY ahead of Hillary (4%). Here are the results?

Senator Joe Biden 1% (3 votes)
General Wesley Clark 26% (70 votes)
Senator Hillary Clinton 4% (12 votes)
Senator Chris Dodd 3% (9 votes)
Senator John Edwards 24% (63 votes)
Senator Barack Obama 29% (78 votes)
Governor Bill Richardson 7% (18 votes)
Other 6% (15 votes)

Having had a few days to think about the poll- and my vote- I am starting to wonder if I would have voted differently had the list of candidates been different.

For example, would I have picked Al Gore over Clark? Maybe.

Ok, probably.

Kucinich? Hmm?. probably not.

But I know one thing for sure: Clark was- and still is- my favorite choice for Vice President- so I think a poll about Vice Presidents is certainly in order.

I already know who I’d choose- but I’d like to hear some suggestions for other possible VP candidates from the rest of you.