Some news and some advice for our friends on the right. First, in case you may have missed it: Presbyterian Church USA Asks Its 2.3 Million Members Each to Become Carbon Neutral ( Now why in the world would they want to do that?

They reasoned that the one thing that Churches could do that would make a difference was to bear witness to their commitment to ?preserving God?s Creation? by reducing their own emissions and asking their members to do the same. In its Background Paper the Task Force discussed the Role of the Churches in the Anti- Slavery and Civil Rights Movements, stepping forward to set a moral example while political leaders hesitated.

Of course. I was gonna go all sarcastic on this, but decided instead to focus on the irony.

If you’ve read any Blumer over at Bizzyblog you’ll know his take on global warming and climate change resulting from human activity is this: globaloney. So now we have the conservative dismissing the preservation of God’s creation and the hippie buddhist freak backing the Presbyterian Church. Bartender make it a double cuz I can’t see straight!

Now, for the advice to my friends on the right: Global warming is not a wedge issue folks. You mock and ridicule it to your own demise. I mean for heaven’s sake you could lose the church over it eventually . I don’t mean to be overly blunt here, but given the electoral climate that you’ve manufactured over the last several years – you lose the church and you are toast. Now granted this particular denomination might not be very powerful overall, but the risk of losing that moral edge perception by ignoring the moral and ethical implications of good stewardship of The Earth are great and could cause other denominations to follow suit…once they wake up from the BS wedge issues thrust upon them. They do that and you can look forward to blowing raspberries from the cheap seats for a while.

So here is what I’d do. Surrender to a degree – much as the left has done and should do on issues like guns – then work with environmental groups to find the best ways that business can operate in a manner consistent with proper earthly stewardship. There are many people working on this and it would be much more productive than scouring the web for any and sundry references that might support your globaloney claims.

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