Blackwell says GOP in disarray

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is challenging conservatives to be filled with what he calls the “fierce urgency of now.” Blackwell told activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, that they must be willing to admit that the party they call home has lost its moral and ethical compass.

“Wrecked with moral corruption, managerial incompetence, and — yes — public policy duplicity, there has been an abandonment of faith or fidelity to principle,” the columnist told the gathering.

Blackwell contends conservatives need to take back the national Republican Party. “There is a question that is asked in Psalm 11, verse 3 — ‘If the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do?'” he quoted. “Let me put that differently: If the foundation of American democracy and civilization be threatened or destroyed, what will we, as conservatives, do?”

Blackwell said conservatives need a “new dedication” to understand the difference they can make within the Republican Party.