From the daily archives: Saturday, March 3, 2007

Some news and some advice for our friends on the right. First, in case you may have missed it: Presbyterian Church USA Asks Its 2.3 Million Members Each to Become Carbon Neutral ( Now why in the world would they want to do that?

They reasoned that the one thing that Churches could do that would make a difference was to bear witness to their commitment to ?preserving God?s Creation? by reducing their own emissions and asking their members to do the same. In its Background Paper the Task Force discussed the Role of the Churches in the Anti- […]

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Update: The mystery post has arrived! Looks to me like Tom saw the faggot thing and thought twice, then had to figure out a way to spin out of it. See for yourself. Looks fully spun to me.

Looked like our man Tom at Bizzyblog was gonna give Ann Coulter his coveted column of the weekend award but then rescinded it. The post that got into RSS but didn’t make the site was to be titled:


“Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

Damn. I was looking forward to reading that one! Maybe […]

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Just for fun. Have a good weekend!

Pay Paula a visit.

I’m hearing Paula is on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me with Tony Snow. I’ll be listening to the podcast later, but someone told me this was a highlight:

Tony Snow: The White House is the best place I’ve ever worked

Paula Poundstone: You ever work at the IHOP? Cuz I’m just wondering what your past work experience must have been.

Tony Snow: There are no leaks in The White House

Paula Poundstone: I KNEW we’d catch you in some sort of distortion.

..can’t wait to […]

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Now the conservatives are coming up with stupid nicknames for THEIR OWN CANDIDATES!

And if Ken Blackwell gets his way, he’s going to drag the GOP down nationally just like he did in Ohio last year.

Keep up the good work Ken!


‘Rudy McRomney’ fails to inspire true believers
Republican candidates sell themselves at a conservative conference, but find few buyers.
Published March 3, 2007


WASHINGTON – The exhibit hall at the Omni Shoreham Hotel was bustling Friday as the conventioneers bought conservative books, buttons and decks of playing cards […]

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Blackwell says GOP in disarray

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is challenging conservatives to be filled with what he calls the “fierce urgency of now.” Blackwell told activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, that they must be willing to admit that the party they call home has lost its moral and ethical compass.

“Wrecked with moral corruption, managerial incompetence, and — yes — public policy duplicity, there has been an abandonment of faith or fidelity to principle,” the columnist told the gathering.

Blackwell contends conservatives need to take back the national Republican […]

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