Lest we think the profiteers of globalism are exclusively Republican, or even wingnut Republicans. Capitalist greed is, in fact, capitalist greed – and it is universal among the two leading parties of our country. I’m not as surprised as Bizzy. The news that George Soros bought a bunch of Halliburton stock doesn’t really shock me.

So if you are a progressive you are thinking: “the horror!”. If you are a conservative you are thinking: “see? they do it too!”. But we need to ask deeper questions. Is the system rigged to produce such outcomes? How do we simultaneously cheer the dynamics of a free market system and question the actions of someone participating in it?

So what is it? George just participating in the market? Where does the real problem lie? As he once stated: “As a market participant, I don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of my [financial] actions.”

The real question is whether his fund invested blindly in given companies based purely on “free market” factors or whether George himself sat around one day saying “You know, I think I like this Halliburton thing…let’s buy some stock!”.

The deeper question is why are we surprised at things like this given the system? Why are we ever surprised at CEO pay? What causes us to scratch our heads when accountants play shell games for maximum profit? Is it the person who is flawed or the system?

I personally would monitor what I both invest my money in and spend my dollars on, but also can honestly tell you I know jack squat about what any of my mutuals are tied up in and really don’t have the time to look into it.

So what’s broken? Where should our finger be pointed?