Andrew Sullivan reveals the rant of a reader – or at least someone motivated enough to email Sullivan – about S/Sgt Alva’s desire for homosexual soldiers to no longer have to remain in the closet (video). And remember, this attitude isn’t homophobia, according to anti-gay-right’s people.

What Staff Sgt. Eric Alva is saying that even if one’s lifestyle is degraded and perverted ? against civilized and G-dly conduct, as long as one of its practitioners suffers they can do what they want. It’s pure arrogance on his part. Why doesn’t he just keep his big mouth shut? He can’t. His ego is too big. “I suffered for you! I’m great! I’m ensuring your freedom! This is fake morality ? a subterfuge and bluff. The agenda of these homos is to seduce others into their web of sin. Why else would he arrogantly make his declarations?

OK, who’s the bad liberal that leaked the Homosexual Agenda document? Somehow this guy found out that line item 437 is “Seduce Others into Our Web of Sin”.


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