Update: Jill clarifies her BI post here. No dark side for her.

Let’s cut to the point and get something straight here right out of the gate. The Buckeye Institute is not our friend – if you don’t consider yourself a conservative. Put a nice little period after that one and you can go about your day unless you want to hear me pound Jill Zimon for the next couple minutes.

Jill posted a nice little note on her blog making us all aware that The Buckeye Institute has a new blog designed to alert us of any “wasteful spending” at The Statehouse. It’s fun! It’s exciting! We can make our government better and the flowers will smell rosier and the sun will shine brighter. Jill, dear, what the FUCK don’t you get about the Buckeye Institute? First clue:

Buckeye Institute capture

Right there above the link to your blog…see it? “…promoting free market ideas and limited government”. That’s code for “Right-wing intelligent design loving miscreants”. Is this new to you? Thankfully Jerid hopped on this and outed Carlo and friends. You really want to point people there and have us all hop on this illusion of a bi-partisan trainwreck? You really hat tipped Matt Naugle? Did i really just see that? There is a reason Russell and I used to give you shit about being a closet conservative. Then you let Matt get away with slamming Policy Matters and pretending that Buckeye Institute is “completely unlike Policy Matters, which is a group of liberal smucks and union cronies”. Pardon me, but What? The? Fuck?

Do some damned research. You normally do. Find out that while Matt is understandably trying to paint Policy Matters as partisan and Buckeye Institute as “representing the general interest”, nothing could be further from the truth. Second clue? They hired his ass to put the blog together! Ding ding ding! I think there is a knob behind your left ear labeled “conservative misinformation bullshit meter”. Turn that up to 11.

Business First got it right when they called BI “a conservative think tank in Columbus”. Duh. You might also find out that in January Deborah Owens (aka DeborahLOwens or Deborah Owens Fink) was named to the board. Wanna guess who she gave money to? Yup. Wanna guess what else she is involved in? You know, right? You quoted her once and I think even pounded on her a bit. She’s also the mouthpiece in Ohio for Seattle’s Discovery Institute – a so-called “public policy think tank”, but more aptly described as a “belief tank” (like a think tank without the doubt).

Blackwell, Loparo, Fink, Naugle. Yes! Let’s get behind that! Make no mistake here: The Buckeye Institute is the enemy. If No one is more concerned about Ohio’s future than you, then call bullshit on this instead of empower it. For the love of all that is good and right fight the good fight!

But hey, it’s a rough and tumble world out there in this political landscape. Charlatans everywhere. Be careful, kid. You need something just come see me at the pub. I’ll be in the back talking strategy with Vinnie.

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