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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich equated bilingual education Saturday with “the language of living in a ghetto” and mocked requirements that ballots be printed in multiple languages.

Cross another GOPer off the list. These guys are so thin in the ’08 Prez race it’s kinda sad really. Earth to Salamander Man (and the rest of the wingers): We’re a melting pot. We don’t have official languages or religions.

The arrogance of some of these people is breathtaking. Maybe it would be good to learn another language. Ya think? Smart people in other places know 2, […]

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In need of a sheriff indeed:

(CNN) — The recent wave of defaults in the subprime mortgage sector that sent shocks through Wall Street has caught the attention of Congress.

More than 2 million people with subprime loans are facing foreclosure this year and nearly 20 percent of subprime mortgages issued between 2005 and 2006 are projected to fail, according to a December 2006 study by the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonpartisan research and policy organization.

Foreclosures in the subprime mortgage market are expected to cost American households as much as $164 billion in lost equity from […]

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Little Turkish Bitches

On March 31, 2007 By

Site got hacked today by some little bitch calling himself Kartal. No, an entire district is not gunning for Plunderbund – just some little script kiddie bitch with nothing else to do. Got everything back to normal. No real damage done. Just a bit of pixel grafitti:

To which I replied:

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Strickland is sticking to his guns on the charter school stuff. His only line-item veto on the Transportation Budget Bill was the part allowing charter schools to start their own bus service.

From the Strickland press release:

Strickland also announced that his only line-item veto would be a measure that would allow charter schools to establish their own transportation system and would require a per pupil transfer from the school district to the charter school without any agreement from their resident school district. Under current law, if a charter school desires to transport their own students they must have […]

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Update to this post.

OK, so it turns out you have to look really REALLY close to figure out how to read Joan Mazzolini’s article online. Apparently the stuff that looked like shilling would…because they are Bennett’s words verbatim (or his lawsuit’s words). Joan just made it look online like they were hers due to the inability of anyone at the Plain Dealer to figure out how to use unordered lists. Here is how you do it:

< ul >
< li >A bullet point< /li >
< li >Another bullet point!< /li >

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Dennis Kucinich voted against the war the first time- and he continues to vote against any additional funding.

Hell- he seems to be the only one.

We’re talking about $300 billion of OUR tax dollars here.

He gave a nice little speech on the house floor about it- in which he said:

“This war has sacrificed the lives of our troops and innocent civilians. This war has advanced the interests of oil companies and contractors in the manner of a criminal enterprise. It has undermined our national honor and alienated friends around the world. When will Congress stand for […]

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PeeDee Caught Shilling for GOP

On March 30, 2007 By

Update: See this post for an update on how the PeeDee print to web translation got FUBAR.

This can only be one of two things: 1. Horribly incompetent journalism or 2. Outright shilling for the GOP. In an article about Bob Bennett suing to keep his job on the Cuyahoga County BOE, Joan Mazzolini says:

Brunner, a Democrat, is attempting to remove Bennett, head of the Ohio GOP, because he supported her opponent in the 2006 election and plans to support Republican candidates in 2008.

This from a former Pulitzer Prize finalist? Joan. W T F? This is […]

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If you still can’t grasp the importance of the US Attorney scandal, I present to you current US Attorney, and former Bush “opposition research” man, Tim Griffin:

One film scene of the debate-night frenzy captures the prevalent attitude in national politics. As he directs the investigation of Gore’s statements in real time, Griffin, standing next to a sign that reads ON MY COMMAND?UNLEASH HELL (ON AL), pauses for a moment to reflect on his role. “We think of ourselves as the creators of the ammunition in a war,” he says. “We make the bullets.”

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Today’s dispatch from Neverland:

Suicide bombers kill 60, injure scores in Baghdad market Three car bombs kill 30, wound 74 north of Baghdad in Diyala province Iraqi police find 25 bullet-riddled bodies across the capital

I have a place where dreams are born,
And time is never planned.
It’s not on any chart,
You must find it with your heart.
Never Never Land.

It might be miles beyond the moon,
Or right there where you stand.
Just keep an open mind,
And then suddenly you’ll find
Never Never Land.

You’ll […]

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What Hell Might Look Like

On March 29, 2007 By

Put this on a loop and you basically have Hades in a nutshell:

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It’s been scrubbed now to something far less incendiary, but the AP used the word “insurgent” to describe Ned Lamont.

“The effect of the timeline would be to “snatch defeat from the jaws of progress in Iraq,” agreed Lieberman, who won a new term last fall in a three-way race after losing the Democratic nomination to an anti-war insurgent.”

Nothing quite like equating the anti-war left with those people over in Iraq killing American soldiers, eh? C&L has the details, along with a screengrab of the original pre-scrubbing article.

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