From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Issue Ads: Here We Go Again

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Duncan Hunter is running “issue ads” in NH to introduce himself to the voters there. This is obviously against federal campaign finance laws- and people will complain- but if recent elections are any indication of the consequences- then the complaining will lead nowhere.

We saw this type of crap in Ohio last year with Ken Blackwell and the Common Sense 2006 group who was running ads against Ted Strickland. The Blackwell campaign denied any ties to the group- even though the connections were obvious. For example, William Todd (yes- the dirt bag running for Columbus mayor) was the attorney […]

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Finally, the Bush Administration is looking to bring Syria and Iran to the table to discuss Iraq.

In a softening of its refusal to pursue direct diplomacy with two Middle East adversaries, the Bush administration announced yesterday that it will participate in a series of international meetings on Iraq that will include representatives of Iran and Syria.

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