The latest Rasmussen Poll has McCain down to 17% (versus 33% for Giuliani)… but don’t count him out just yet.

McCain has a new plan to win over the kids: McCainTV….

Veoh Networks Teams up with Senator John McCain to Launch the Presidential Candidate’s Campaign Channel
Tuesday February 27, 10:19 am ET
Channel Will Feature Video From the Campaign Trail, McCain Messages and Information Straight Through the 2008 Election

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Veoh Networks (, the leading pioneer in Internet Television, and Senator John McCain today announced that it has officially launched the Senator John McCain Channel. The channel offers a video diary from the campaign trail with speeches, tour stops, messages to the citizens of the United States, as well as videos that breakdown the Senator’s stance on important issues that concern all Americans. Subjects of the videos range from government spending to the environment to the war in Iraq, as well a biographical look at the Senator.

With the Senator embracing today’s technology and youth, the campaign is focused on reaching out via the latest media and social networking tools available. Veoh’s unique peer-to-peer technology allows the McCain campaign to upload full speeches and videos on important issues that surround the 2008 election regardless of length and in DVD-quality, unlike other video distribution sites that offer “video snacking” of short, grainy clips.

Veoh offers many viewing choices to people following the McCain campaign. They can watch videos as they become available at, a leading internet video distribution site, or at many other sites, including the campaign’s own web site. Or they can choose to watch in high-resolution using the Veoh Player, Veoh’s virtual digital video recorder (DVR), available for free at In addition to supporting DVD-quality video, the Veoh Player allows campaign watchers to subscribe to the latest videos from the McCain campaign trail. With a subscription and the Veoh Player, McCain followers will enjoy the convenience of knowing that all the important video will be automatically downloaded to their computers, available for watching anytime and anyplace. They can watch on their computers or easily connect the Veoh Player to their television, allowing them to view the latest campaign videos at the same quality and comfort as if they were on broadcast television. Or they can easily transfer the videos to their iPods or Windows Media devices for on-the-go viewing.

The McCain campaign found Veoh’s automatic syndication and reporting features, which allow them to reach and manage the largest audience on the web, a big draw to working with Veoh. With one step, the McCain campaign can upload videos once to Veoh and automatically syndicate them to major video sites including YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Facebook, the McCain web site, RSS feed syndicators and iPod; and Windows Media players. No other Internet video distributor enables publishers to reach such a large potential audience through one upload. In addition, once the video is published, Veoh enables the McCain campaign to monitor their audiences across the major video web sites from their Veoh account, helping them to judge the efficacy of the video and the campaign’s messaging.

“We think internet video will have a dramatic impact on the 2008 presidential race,” said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Veoh, “As a result, we are delighted to supply our powerful video broadcast and community-building suite to the McCain campaign, including our ability to automatically distribute videos uploaded at to millions of additional viewers at other major video distribution sites.”

“Veoh’s groundbreaking technology provides an exciting and unique platform from which the Senator can communicate his positive vision for the future of America directly with voters,” said McCain Exploratory Committee eCampaign Director Christian Ferry. “Veoh gives voters unprecedented access to Senator McCain, and it will play an integral role in the Senator’s efforts to reach out to voters and let them know who he is and what he stands for.”

“Veoh’s technology enables the McCain campaign to reach the broadest audience possible in an extremely quick time period with minimal effort and great efficiency,” said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO, Veoh Networks, Inc. “Our technology has captured the attention of today’s youth and the media who are voracious users of Internet TV and social networking sites. It is that audience that the McCain campaign wants to make sure hears his message.”