John McCain (born August 29, 1936) turned 70 this past August.? If he won in ’08, he would be the oldest person ever elected president of the United States (Reagan currently holds the record at 69).? So, to be realistic, this is probably his last chance to run.


McCain knows this and, even though the senior Senator from Arizona is doing quite well in the polls- usually ahead of, or in a tie with Giuliani- he appears ready to do anything necessary to win the Republican nomination this year; even if that means courting the Christian right.


Honestly- it hardly seems necessary. ??Who else are they going to support? ?The Mormon (Romney)?? The twice-divorced, pro-choice and pro-gay-rights former mayor (Giuliani) of that godless city of new york?


It’s likely they will end up supporting McCain- but I really hope they don’t.


Personally- I hope they throw all of their support behind some ultra-conservative, third-party candidate who ends up running in the general election and stealing away any chance of a republican victory.


Now- we just need to work on keeping Nader out of the race.

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