There are a lot of people pushing to get Al Gore into the 2008 race for president.? The slogan over at is: He won it once.? He can win it again.?

But, as we all know, Al Gore didn’t win.? Not once.? Not ever.? He lost.? And, if you believe the numbers, then he isn’t likely to win the next time around either.

Democratic VPs Don’t Win Elections

Since 1900, a Democrat running as VP has not won a single election.? Zero.? Zip.?? Actually, VPs in general don’t do too well.

Only two out of six elections (1/3rd) were actually won by candidates running as Vice President**.? The election match-ups are shown below.?? It is important to note that both of the wins were by Republicans (Bush 1 and Nixon) and three of the losses were by Democrats (Humphrey, Mondale and Gore).??? ?The other loss was also by Nixon- who came back 8 years later to win.

Those pushing Gore into another presidential run should really take these numbers to heart.

1960:?? Kennedy (D-Senator) ? beat Nixon (R-VP)

1968: ? Nixon (R-VP) ???????????? beat Humphrey (D-VP)

1984:?? Reagan (R-Governor)?? beat Mondale(D-VP)

1988??? Bush 1 (R-VP)???????????? beat Dukakis (R-Governor)

2000??? Bush 2 (R-Governor)??? beat Gore (D-VP)

** Truman and Johnson, both democrats and former VPs, never ran as VPs since they both became president via succession.? The same thing is true of Republicans Roosevelt (Teddy) and Ford.

Republican VPs Win ? But Don’t Make Good Presidents

The two VP winners (Bush 1 and Nixon) are rated well below average by presidential scholars, according to Wikipedia’s historical rankings.?? Out of 42, Bush 1 is rated 25th and Nixon 32nd.


Fortunately, neither was around too long.? Bush was voted out of office after his first term and Nixon, as we all remember, was reelected but then ended up resigning after the Watergate scandal.

Most VPs Become President through Succession

As I mentioned earlier, four former vice presidents have become president through succession.? That’s twice as many as have actually been elected president.


These were:

  1. Theodore Roosevelt after McKinley was assassinated
  2. Harry S. Truman after FDR Died
  3. Lyndon B. Johnson after Kennedy’s was assassinated
  4. Gerald Ford after Nixon Resigned

Overall, these four actually were judged to be pretty good presidents- well, three of them at least.? Again, looking at Wikipedia’s historical rankings:? Roosevelt: 5th, Truman 7th, Johnson 14th and Ford 27th (tied with Carter).

Gore Unlikely to Become Next President- Unless?

Most people would have to agree with me: since Gore is not going to become president through succession and since no other democratic vice president has, in the past 100 years, won a presidential election, it seems very unlikely that Al Gore will, if nominated, win the ’08 presidential election.

Except, of course, for the Astrologers out there.

If you are believer in the influence of celestial bodies on human destiny- especially in Electional Astrology– then Al Gore might very well be your candidate of choice.?

That’s because, as you may have already noticed, VP candidates tend to win in years ending in 8 (68, 88).

You may even have noticed that, like Al Gore, Richard Nixon also lost a presidential election in a year ending in 0 (1960).?? Eight years later (1968), Nixon came back to WIN the presidential election!

I would LOVE to put an ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGERS FOR GORE sticker on the back of my car- if anyone has one.Otherwise- let’s let Mr. Gore focus on saving the earth from climate change- and get a real candidate for president.

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