If you want a completely different perspective on the topic of Al Gore running for president, then check out Rolling Stone magazine. (thanks for the link, amber)

Tim Dickinson, the article’s author, makes the case that Al Gore may be “the ideal candidate for the Democrats” in part because he is “a Hollywood celebrity, the star of the third-highest-grossing documentary of all time.”

Hell- if that’s all it takes- then there must be a bunch of other possible candidates, right?

Actually- no.

Take a look at this list of the top ten highest-grossing documentaries
and you’ll see why:

1?Fahrenheit 9/11??- (Michael Moore)
2?March of the Penguins – (A bunch of Penguins)
3?An Inconvenient Truth? – (Al Gore)
4?Bowling for Columbine?- (Michael Moore)
5?Madonna: Truth or Dare?- (Madonna)
6?Winged Migration?- (A bunch of Geese)
7?Super Size Me??- (Morgan Spurlock)
8?Mad Hot Ballroom?- (A bunch of dancing kids)
9?Hoop Dreams??- (A couple of basketball players)
10?Tupac: Resurrection?- (Tupac)

Assuming we do want to elect someone who was/is the star of a documentary film and, since the penguins probably can’t run, then I guess Al Gore does seem to be the best candidate.

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  • Amber

    nice selected quote, joe…let’s put that in context:

    “If the Democrats were going to sit down and construct the perfect candidate for 2008, they’d be hard-pressed to improve on Gore. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he has no controversial vote on Iraq to defend. Unlike Barack Obama and John Edwards, he has extensive experience in both the Senate and the White House. He has put aside his wooden, policy-wonk demeanor to emerge as the Bush administration’s most eloquent critic. And thanks to An Inconvenient Truth, Gore is not only the most impassioned leader on the most urgent crisis facing the planet, he’s also a Hollywood celebrity, the star of the third-highest-grossing documentary of all time.”

  • Amber

    although, according to the top-grossing-documentary argument, it looks like michael moore should be the next nominee!

  • Context? Blah! Where’s the fun in that?

    Anyway- I’m sticking with the Penguins. Their movie made more money than Gore’s- AND they can dance.

  • Amber

    well, the penguins that ‘beat’ gore were pretty depressing, but the animated ones were great. can you vote for a cartoon? how ’bout max headroom? no? next best thing? al gore!

  • I was going to vote for Obama, but than I realized he isn’t black enough. So I’m going with Tupac.

  • Good point.

    And, now that I think about it, those penguins are only half black too.

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