Matty “Mama’s Boy” Naugle:

Well, atleast this is a Democrat in the Senate who doesn’t just hate our troops and supports nonbinding defeatist resolutions that do nothing other than help with future political TV ads and embolden the enemy. Sherrod Brown has the courage of his convictions- Sherrod is willing to stand up and tell the Democrats to use their new power to ensure America’s defeat in the war against Islamofascists.

His beloved “Dear Leader”:

The Bush administration plans to cut funding for veterans? health care two years from now ? even as badly wounded troops returning from Iraq could overwhelm the system.

Hey, Mama’s Boy: fuck you. Fuck you and anyone like you who has the nerve to call those of us who fight for benefits for soldiers, who fight to keep them from unnecessary danger, some of us who have served in uniform, some of us who are paid to make the troops safer in the field – all while your doughy white ass pounds away on a keyboard as part of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

From all of us who know that supporting the troops means more than sticking a goddamn yellow ribbon on our SUVs: fuck you. If you really supported the troops, you’d: a) not think of war as a sandbox game, b) support fully-funded VA hospitals, and, if you felt strongly about the conflict in Iraq, c1) enlist, c2) become a federal civil employee, or c3) become a defense contractor. At the very least you’d recognize the fact that “supporting the policy” is not the same as “supporting the troops.” I’m doing my part, despite opposing the policy. You’re writing on a blog for pure political gain, smearing people like me. (And don’t try to mealy-mouth yourself away from your clear implication with BS like “I only meant Senate Democrats”.)

Fuck you.

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