In the movies, Guys named Rudy always come from behind to win everyone’s heart and become the hero.


Sometimes it’s the small kid who always wanted to play football for Notre Dame (Rudy).


Sometimes it’s a reindeer with a shiny nose (and his pal the dentist elf) who save Christmas (Rudolph).


And sometimes it’s a mayor who divides a city and then gets to be some kind of national hero because he didn’t die in a terrorist attack (Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story).


All are certainly inspirational stories- mainly because the ‘hero’ overcame a lot to achieve his goal. ?And the movie ends with the hero living happily ever after with his new found friends.


Rudy Giuliani, however, doesn’t seem happy with his status as national hero.? He wants more.? He wants to be President of the United States.




That’s the worst sequel idea ever.


I’d rather watch the football player try to become an NFL Coach or the reindeer fight his elf friend to become the next Santa Claus.


At least those are somewhat realistic stories.