This is unbelievable. Turner is paying $2 million in “restitution” for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force “bomb scare”.

Authorities feared bombs had been planted when they found more than three dozen blinking electronic signs with a boxy cartoon character giving an obscene hand gesture Wednesday in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.

The signs, part of a publicity campaign for Cartoon Network’s “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” also appeared in nine other big U.S. cities in recent weeks, but created little interest.

But in Boston, bomb squads responded to reports of the devices in a subway station, on bridges and elsewhere.

Talk about irrational overreaction. I’m glad police take their jobs seriously, but their incompetence shouldn’t cost Turner $2 million. This is the “culture of fear”. I don’t recall New York officials fleeing in fear of The Monarch when MSN used an unorthodox marketing method.

These things weren’t bombs, they didn’t look like bombs, and they certainly weren’t deployed like bombs (who places bombs in such a way as to maximize visibility?). Any college kid could have immediately identified these. I’ve seen billboards with the same design on them. Sheer and total insanity.

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