On one hand:

A former air traffic controller accused of planting homemade bombs outside the houses of former co-workers and a government official was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday after pleading guilty to damaging a building.

Prosecutors said Burke, a decorated Vietnam veteran, left five bombs outside homes in the Colorado city of Grand Junction in March 2006, including one where a Federal Aviation Administration official lived. Three bombs exploded, but no one was hurt. Minor damage was reported. Two bombs were defused.

On the other hand:

Tens of thousands of conversations were recorded. Some 230 phone calls form the core of the government?s case, including 21 that make reference to Mr. Padilla, prosecutors said. But Mr. Padilla?s voice is heard on only seven calls. And on those seven, which The Times obtained from a participant in the case, Mr. Padilla does not discuss violent plots.

One guy has been in prison for five years already, with no trial, accused of being a “dirty bomber” terrorist. The other guy got a speedy trial with a 10 year sentence for damaging a federal building despite actually deploying multiple bombs – but was never called a terrorist. Why? Besides the guy getting the trial actually committing an act of violence, what’s the difference between the two men? That one is a brown-skinned Muslim?

HT: CorrenteWire.

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