That traitorous asshole Bush (what? If Republicans can say it about liberals, isn’t turnabout fair play?) apparently does support a timeline for withdrawal!

So in fiscal year 2010, the Bush administration is officially projecting that we will not have one troop, not one civil servant, not one installation or falafel receipt or Halliburton disbursement in Iraq or Afghanistan. There will be a total withdrawal, with absolutely no associated or lingering costs. Or, at the least, the administration will request, and expects Congress to grant, a complete cutoff of all funding for the war. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is political courage. Well, political courage, or an attempt to cook the books so our fiscal situation looks better than it really is.

That’s right – the new budget sets aside 145 billion for the GWOT/Iraq War in 2008, a relatively paltry 50 billion in 2009, and zero dollars in 2010… with a projection of budget surpluses again by 2012. Yeah, right.

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