No, seriously – Rod Parsley thinks that adultery should equal a life sentence in prison.

Televangelist and Ohio ?Patriot Pastor? leader Rod Parsley?s Center for Moral Clarity is urging the revival of long-dormant laws against adultery in states such as Michigan, where adultery is technically a felony, although no one has been prosecuted for 36 years.

In an e-mail update to its supporters, the Center noted with approval the remark of an appeals court judge that a Michigan statute criminalizing sex involving commission of a felony, when combined with the law making adultery a felony, could lead to life in prison. ?Lawmakers and judges in Michigan are holding married couples accountable for their vows of fidelity,? touted CMC, adding that ?The rest of the nation should take a look at the Michigan statute. Criminal laws are designed to force people to conform to certain acceptable standards of personal behavior. Most of society’s code of conduct has its roots in the 10 Commandments.?

That’s going to really thin the herd in the upcoming Presidential race, as a number of (Republican) candidates have confirmed or suspected adulterous pasts. It’s hard to serve as President if you are serving life.

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