There are a lot of similarities between the War on Drugs and the War in Iraq.

  • Both are unwinnable.?
  • Both cause of increasing violence, unrest and loss of American lives.?
  • Both cost American taxpayers billions.
  • Both were initiated by Republican-led administrations (Nixon/Bush).??
  • And both continue despite pleas from knowledgeable and experienced leaders (Army Generals and Police Chiefs) in each arena.

It’s nice to finally see politicians, democrats and republicans alike, finally listening to the generals and not to the draft-dodging republican elites that got us into the war in Iraq without any strategy for winning.

Now, if only they would start doing the same thing at home.

It is, of course, never going to happen.

Well- not this year anyway.

Even though law enforcement professionals from around the country have been, for years, calling for changes in the drug laws (see LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), the “legalize drugs” message is not ready for any serious 2008 candidate to adopt- except maybe Dennis Kucinich.

But don’t give up hope.

Remember? Dennis Kucinich was the only 2004 presidential candidate who was against the War in Iraq.

And this year, well everyone is following is lead.

Advice to 2012 presidential hopefuls:? start honing your “End the War on Drugs” message now.