Personally, my opinion of McCain went into the crapper in 2004. You can see more at TheRealMcCain.com.

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  • As one of the few Republicans that I could live with, I too have found McCain to be lacking in recent years. I respect the man for his military service and his years as a congressman, but he appears to want the presidency so bad he’ll say anything. Most presidential contenders move to the middle during a campaign, he just seems to do it so badly.

  • Brian

    I liked him back in 2000. At the time, I thought he would have been vastly better than Bush (I had no idea how right I would have been). Frankly, I couldn’t believe he was stumping for Bush in ’04 after what Bush did to him in South Carolina in 2000. If someone had done that to me, then turned around and asked me to campaign for him, I would have punched him square in the nose, President or not – and I’m not generally a vindictive person.

    Hell, I wouldn’t blame Kerry if he refused to take phone calls from Bush for the rest of his life after the Swift Boat BS.

    But the way McCain literally embraced Bush in 2004… disgusting. Have some self-respect.

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