The latest round of Anti-abortion legislation passed by Ohio’s General Assembly will end up costing Ohio’s taxpayers billions of dollars.

I find it truly amazing that so many Republicans continue to push the party’s anti-abortion agenda even when it conflicts with the rest of their message.

What happened to fiscal responsibility, lowering the tax burden, and preserving and protecting Ohio’s families?

All of those goals were thrown out the window when they passed this ridiculous piece of legislation that says it is the policy of the state of Ohio “to prefer childbirth over abortion” and, as such, to forbid the use of state money to fund abortions.

This bill will force poor women to find alternative funding to pay for their abortion or force them to actually carry out their unwanted pregnancy to term.

Either way, it will have an immediate negative impact on poor Ohioans- and long-term financial consequences for the state as a whole.

If this short-sighted bill is successful at decreasing the number of abortions in Ohio it will end up INCREASING the number of poor mothers and children in the state ? costing Ohio’s taxpayers billions.

Medicaid funding for abortions is cheap compared to the cost of providing ongoing services to low-income Ohio mothers and their un-aborted children (e.g. public health care, child welfare, incarceration, etc.).

For example, “Between 1991 and 2004, there have been more than 271,900 teen births in Ohio, costing taxpayers an estimated $6.9 billion over that period.”

Thankfully, the Democrats are finally getting their chance at the table and, surprisingly, they are proposing some innovative solutions that might just work.

Check out BSB and WLST for a discussion on that topic.

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