While moving into?a rented house in?Upper Arlington, Taft accidentally set the kitchen on fire.

From the fire department report:

ER 71 arrived to find smoke coming from one end of the single story, single family residence. PD Officer Hutchinson extinguished the bulk of the fire with an ABC extinguisher prior to FD arrival. ER?71 crew extinguished the remaining fire in boxes and papers on a range top in the kitchen with a?water extinguisher. L-72 ventilated the smoke and checked for extension. Talking to the resident?revealed that he was moving boxes into the residence, setting them about the kitchen. It appears?he set one on the range and unknowingly turned the heating element on. He stated he smelled?smoke, then discovered the kitchen was on fire, calling 911 to report the fire. Fire damage was?confined to the kitchen with some smoke damage extending through the house.

Thank God he didn’t leave it in Bexley.