First it was the recount in Ohio’s 15th?
“The Franklin County Board of Elections could have certified the results earlier, but chose instead to wait until after the Big Ten championship football game between Ohio State and the University of Michigan.”

Ok- fine.? It might be hard to get a bunch of election workers to show up on game day.

Then it was Strickland’s inauguration?
“Strickland postponed the public celebration a week to avoid competing with Ohio State University’s bid for a national football championship that day.”

This is pushing it- but’s it’s still a local-pride thing.? Something the incoming Governor needs to respect.

Now it’s gone national...
“? everyone (US Congress) got Monday off for the college football championship game between Ohio State and the University of Florida.”

THIS is just crazy!

Ohio has 20 representatives. Florida has 27.That’s less than eleven percent of the US House who might actually give a crap about the national college football championship game between Florida and Ohio State.? A game that didn’t even start until 8:30 PM!

So here it is: ?I’M GLAD OHIO STATE LOST.