Apparently, Tucker Carlson – egosurfer extraordinare (Hi Tucker Carlson!) – flipped out over a completely nothing blog post (on a very very tiny blog) by a worker in a video store and got the guy fired. So, that’s nuts, but what is side-splittingly hilarious is the guy’s response:

Well, motherTucker, this is the internet and there is nothing you can do to me anymore. I will admit that from your perspective, it was easy to see how I was being a complete dick in my previous post. It is likely that you have never heard of the various scandals that have erupted when jerks have outed bloggers who wished to remain anonymous. I would be surprised if you have not heard about Michelle Malkin’s incident. I thought I was covering my ass by stating very deliberately that I would never share your information with anyone. I did this because I wanted to proceed with a verbal joke that actually came from my personal experience. I did not realize that my personal experience was not allowed.

Another excerpt…

I googled “Tucker Carlson stalker” in an attempt to determine why a man might go from zero to asshatted ragemonkey over a minor comment on a blog that barely rates as Z-list. The first ten hits were all about Tucker’s comment that Canada is stalking the US. That is pretty funny in and of itself. Just the other day, I thought I was being followed and turned around only to see Canada turn ninety degrees and start whistling. The second page of hits contained a link to reviews of his book on (OOO! Maybe Canada IS stalking the US!).

Hilarious. Not so funny the lost his job, but…

Maybe I should relate the time I saw Michael Fay in a Blockbuster in my hometown in 1994, and see if Fay tries to get me fired. Unfortunately, I can’t recall if it was before or after his unfortunate butane incident…

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