(I’ve been kicking this around a bit, undecided on how I feel about reinstating the draft. However, I am very clear on my agreement with the point Damon is making – that we all, of all social classes, need to share in the burden and risk of protecting our country. So on with the post.)

I know the idea of reinstituting a draft is incredibly unpopular – and why wouldn’t it be? Why would anyone want compulsory military service when being a stock boy at Home Depot is so much safer? But perhaps a draft would make the American people (and politicians) more reluctant to go war. More likely to do so only when necessary.

OTOH, conscription has some serious problems – many of which are why it is so rare in western democracies. The chief of which is the idea that it infringes on personal freedom. Additionally, there is the risk that it will increase nationalism and militarism. While that might be viewed as a grand thing by our friends over at RABid, I would point out that nationalism and militarism were prime movers in the causes of WWII.

It’s a real dilemma, but I can appreciate Damon’s contention that as a society we should all shoulder a share of the burden when we go to war. More sacrifice than sticking a yellow magnetic ribbon on your SUV.

HT: As Ohio Goes.

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