From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 10, 2007

(I’ve been kicking this around a bit, undecided on how I feel about reinstating the draft. However, I am very clear on my agreement with the point Damon is making – that we all, of all social classes, need to share in the burden and risk of protecting our country. So on with the post.)

I know the idea of reinstituting a draft is incredibly unpopular – and why wouldn’t it be? Why would anyone want compulsory military service when being a stock boy at Home Depot is so much safer? But perhaps a draft would make the American […]

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Onward, Christian Soldier

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And people wonder why Muslims feel like this is a religiously motivated war (aka, a “Crusade“).

HT: Andrew Sullivan.

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Tucker Carlson is psycho!

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Apparently, Tucker Carlson – egosurfer extraordinare (Hi Tucker Carlson!) – flipped out over a completely nothing blog post (on a very very tiny blog) by a worker in a video store and got the guy fired. So, that’s nuts, but what is side-splittingly hilarious is the guy’s response:

Well, motherTucker, this is the internet and there is nothing you can do to me anymore. I will admit that from your perspective, it was easy to see how I was being a complete dick in my previous post. It is likely that you have never heard of the various […]

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After watching Republicans sit on the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations for three years, Nancy “The Riveter” Pelosi has wasted no time in enacting the Democratic “100 Hours” legislative agenda. It started with HR 1.

House Democrats are turning to national security for their first legislation in the new Congress: a bill to screen all cargo containers shipped to the U.S. and enact most remaining recommendations of the 9/11 commission.

The House measure would also require screening of all air cargo, distribute more federal aid to states based on risk instead of population, and […]

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