He’s already used his veto!

Strickland was sworn in shortly after midnight yesterday and immediately issued an executive order imposing a policy on himself and members of his administration that goes beyond the state?s ethics laws. And, while it took outgoing Republican Gov. Bob Taft more than four years in office to veto a meaningful bill, it took Strickland fewer than 16 hours.

The bill he vetoed was a lead paint damages limit, and GOP legislators are steaming mad.

The new Democratic governor vetoed a bill that would have limited lawsuits against leadpigment manufacturers, a bill that Republicans insist already is law. GOP lawmakers promised a court fight, saying Strickland used up his goodwill with them on his first day in office, even as the new governor was vowing to work with the GOP-led legislature.

Strickland argued at a hastily called news conference that the cap on damages is “woefully inadequate” and “gives additional protections to companies that may offend in a way to endanger human health.”

Like GOP legislators ever had any “goodwill” towards this gubernatorial administration.

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