Bring out yer dead!
Despite clear evidence that protests can work, I’m a cynic who’s so dead inside I tend to feel corporations (especially ones like Clear Channel) are always looking to screw their customers… but if you aren’t, there is a rally at the state house tomorrow at 11AM to help save progressive talk radio in Columbus.

Of course, both sports and conservative talk have been tried on 1230, with less success than the Air America lineup:

WCOL became WFII on March 24, 1997, airing a syndicated conservative talk radio format as “1230 FYI”.

WFII was not a ratings success, and in 2001 the station became WZNW, airing a sports talk format as “1230 The Zone”. However, WZNW was never able to compete effectively against the other full-time sports station in Columbus, WBNS.

And while WTPG’s ratings aren’t blowing anybody out of the water, the progressive talk format is easily the best the station has done in a very very long time.

Since September 2004, when they flipped to progressive talk and even became the first affiliate for Miller’s current radio show, ratings have tripled. While ratings have been mediocre at best, WTPG’s progressive talk format has given the station its highest ratings in years. Then again, it seems the braintrusts at the Clear Channel fire sale don’t really care about ratings, just so long as they can do it as cheaply as possible (though syndicated progressive talk is an outrageously cheap format to run). So, whatever happens to WTPG, who knows?

We are a blue city in a purple state. We need progressive radio. People are listening – WTPG has generally been the #4 AM station in ratings. I know I’ll miss it – I listen a couple of times a week (virtually 100% of my radio intake).

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