Mama’s Boy spouted off this gem this afternoon:

Now if we could only start drilling in the frozen dead zone known as “ANWR.”

My reply: this frozen dead zone?


For what? 0.8% of the world’s oil production in 20 years when it’s finally at peak production? The DoEnergy estimates that the cost of gasoline would drop by no more than a few pennies per gallon – when at peak production 20 years from now. And at the risk of substantial ecological damage. Hardly seems worth it.

Besides, gas prices will always be rising. It’s what happens when we use a resource at a rate far in excess of it’s natural production capacity. Our future as a species does not lie in an oil-based economy. It’s not sustainable.

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  • Jerid

    Man I’d love to backpack up there. Maybe someday if it’s still around.

  • Mark

    I saw this post on RAB today and was nearly at a loss for words with which to leave a comment with. Glad you’ve highlighted it here.

  • What a dumbass.

    By the way who’s the dumbass that rated this post a “0”? Geez.

  • as soon as he drills oil he’s gonna RUN IT ALL OVER WITH HIS TRUCK!!!

  • Doesn’t look dead to me. Wouldn’t mind taking a closer look, in summer of course.

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