House Republicans – you know, the guys previously led with an iron fist by “The Hammer” – have decided that the minority party in Congress deserves some protection. In fact, they want bipartisan administration of the House and regular democratic order for legislation.

Something they mysteriously were against just two years ago. I wonder what changed?

My favorite part?

Unfortunately, as you are well aware, the Democrats’ forty-year reign over the House was plagued by consistent, systematic efforts to usurp the rights and privileges of the Republican minority. Despite repeated statements to the contrary, we can only expect that the Democrats will return to their old abusive ways as they assume control in the coming Congress.

That almost made me cry with empathy for those poor, battered Republicans like Tom Delay and John Boehner. Today’s GOP – always the victim, and never willing to play fair whenever they have an advantage. You know, I think Republicans should pack their bags and leave (government), never looking back. If you stay with a man that beats you, you are just an enabler!

You can view the letter being distributed to drum up Republican support for the “Minority Bill of Rights” by clicking on the thumbnail:

GOP Minority