So while I’m on the topic of Republican’s saying silly things?

Outgoing House Majority Leader Boehner recently said “it’s important to ensure a minimum wage mandate does not have a harmful effect on small employers’ ability to create jobs for working families.”

Which is?complete?crap-?but certainly does?follow the standard hate/fear logic?discussed in my previous post.

I would respect the guy more if he said: ?”I worked long and hard to provide my family with this modest, 8 room, $450,000 house in West Chester, OH– and I want to keep as much of my money as I can.”

Even more if he just came out and said: “I hate the poor- screw ’em!”

Not only would it be a more honest representation of his feelings on the issue- it would actually have some truth to it, unlike his actual statement- which has none.

The fact is: most small employers don’t pay their employees minimum wage.? They pay them much, much more.? Small employers are actually having a hard time finding ENOUGH skilled, experienced employees.

So here is what *I* am saying…

The minimum wage hike will :

1. have little or no impact on small employers or their employees.?

2. may have a small impact on big employers- the kind of companies that pay their employees next-to-nothing but contribute huge amounts to politicians like John ‘Boner’.? The kind of company that can afford to pay a few more cents.

3. will certainly help the so-called ‘working families’ that John is talking about.