For two days now CNN has been telling me that Saddam Hussein was going to be executed- soon- very soon.

They showed me footage of other people being killed in Iraq.

They even had a doctor show me how hanging kills a person.??

They told me who was going to claim the body and his personal effects.

And they kept saying “soon”.

And, I suppose, they were right; if you count “sometime between today and Saturday” as an accurate estimate of “soon”.

And now, as?you probably have heard, he is dead.

But I didn’t hear the news from CNN.?


I heard it from Katie Couric.

Katie fucking Couric.


I was as surprised as you are.


I was in the middle of watching some cheesy episode of NUMBERS- when …


We interupt this cheesy episode of NUMBERS for…

Katie Couric.?

And man, I tell you, she was ready.

She pounced on this story- like she’d been waiting all day in the studio to report it.

It almost seemed like she was trying to make up for something?? like? like?

like she was trying to make up for the whole missing-President-Ford’s-death thing?


maybe the I-have-a-secret-crush-on-Saddam?thing?


could be.

Whatever the reason, she did a pretty good job- for Katie Couric.

“Saddam Hussein is… Dead”

Great Job, Ms. Couric.