In a recent, RAD-ripping post, Jerid at BSB says:? “the Republican party is built on a homophobic message that is largely based off hate and fear.”? This time, Jerid, I’ll have to disagree.?? Fear and Hatred of same-sex couples DOES get the wing-nut base motivated and energized, but you can’t build a whole party on excitement alone.No, the GOP has a really big tent- and homophobia is just one of many, many stakes holding it in the ground.? A party this big needs lots of things (i.e. people) to fear and hate- and there certainly is no shortage.But with so many options out there for Republican politicians, how can?you be sure your politicians hate the same people?you do?That’s why I started this guide…. Please feel free to suggest new entries- or offer corrections or additions to the ones below.————————————————————————————
Hate and Fear: Republican-to-English Phrase Book
————————————————————————————?Family Values??????????????????????????
a. I am afraid of gay people; and/or
b. I am afraid of women?

Defense of Marriage
I hate gay people.? Homosexuality creeps me out (and/or turns me on) so I will promote discrimination against gay couples and deny them the same rights as hetero couples??

I hate women.?? They aren’t smart enough to make choices about their own bodies. ?See also: Who the hell gave THEM the right to vote??

The Welfare State
I hate poor people esp. Blacks (paying them not to work) and Mexicans (paying for kids’ healthcare)

English as National Language
I’m afraid of people who don’t speak my language. ??Travel scares me- especially international travel.

Secure our Borders?????????????????
I really hate Mexicans.?? Can’t we just build a really big fence to keep them out??

Tough on Immigration??????????????
I hate foreigners (esp. Mexicans). ?We need to hunt them down and send them home.? (right after they finish building that fence)

Support our Troops
I’m afraid of George W. Bush.? I won’t support his policy, but I need to say something about this stupid war.

Stay the Course
I hate George W. Bush- for making me say this.