On Pandagon yesterday:

The evidence that Christmas exists is overwhelming, and since a lot of us atheist sorts are kind of fond of evidence-based conclusions, we?re going to believe in Christmas. In order to deny the existence of Christmas, you?d probably have to be a religious nut whose religion teaches you that there is no Christmas and so you go out there denying the massive amounts of evidence in the favor of Christmas and deny that it exists on faith. You know, like creationists do.

Heh. Of course, Amanda is responding to an article in the NY Times that is shocked – shocked – that an atheist might actually have a Christmas tree. She continues…

Not to be prejudiced, but if you are so sheltered from the real world that the presence of a Christmas tree in an atheist?s home shocks you, you?re probably not quite qualified to be a reporter. Even the notoriously less-than-brilliant fundie squad gets that you don?t have to give two hoots about Jeebus to participate in Christmas, which is why, before the ?War on Christmas? at least, a lot of fundie Christians had a war on Christmas of their own, complaining about the non-Jeebus elements like Santa Claus and the rampant materialism.

Personally, I have a tree, lights, presents, the whole nine yards. We tune the TV to TBS starting Christmas Eve so that by the end of the day on Christmas, I’ve seen A Christmas Story enough times that I don’t want to see it again until next Christmas. (BTW, that’s my favorite holiday movie, and it totally captures the magic of Christmas when you are growing up.)

Christmas has nothing to do with the Christ Mass for most people, which is why it’s so incredibly disingenuous for people like Bill’O to complain that there is a “War on Christmas” because some retailer has the audacity to interrupt their rampant non-Christ-related consumerism with a “Happy Holidays”. What does that Douglas Fir in my living room have to do with Christ? Or what does Santa have to do with Christ, for that matter?

Christmas is a cultural holiday. And as someone who celebrates the holiday, I will protect the rights of others to not celebrate Christmas.

Happy Holidays. Like Bilbo I feel thin; like butter scraped over too much bread – so I’m going on a brief blogging sabbatical. I’ll be back after the New Year. Now where’d I set that eggnog…

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