From the daily archives: Monday, December 18, 2006

On Pandagon yesterday:

The evidence that Christmas exists is overwhelming, and since a lot of us atheist sorts are kind of fond of evidence-based conclusions, we?re going to believe in Christmas. In order to deny the existence of Christmas, you?d probably have to be a religious nut whose religion teaches you that there is no Christmas and so you go out there denying the massive amounts of evidence in the favor of Christmas and deny that it exists on faith. You know, like creationists do.

Heh. Of course, Amanda is responding to an article in the NY Times […]

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In today’s NY Times:

One night in mid-April, the steel door clanked shut on detainee No. 200343 at Camp Cropper, the United States military?s maximum-security detention site in Baghdad.

Notes he kept during his detention in a maximum security American military prison in Baghdad, and the Bible he kept, in which he wrote some of the notes.

American guards arrived at the man?s cell periodically over the next several days, shackled his hands and feet, blindfolded him and took him to a padded room for interrogation, the detainee said. After an hour or two, he was returned to […]

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Who is your ideal candidate?

On December 18, 2006 By

Having a hard time figuring out which candidate best matches your views? Try this.

My results:

(100%) 1: Sen. Barack Obama (D)
(98%) 2: Sen. Russ Feingold (D)
(90%) 3: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D)
(87%) 4: Gov. Bill Richardson (D)
(86%) 5: Sen. John Kerry (D)
(85%) 6: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark (D)
(79%) 7: Ex-VP Al Gore (D)
(78%) 8: Ex-Sen. John Edwards (D)
(78%) 9: Sen. Christopher Dodd (D)
(73%) 10: Gov. Tom Vilsack (D)

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