• Brian. Please pay attention. We are trying to SUCCEED. Would you please stop bothering us with these factual representations of the futility of it all? Shit, man. How the hell are we ever going to SUCCEED with all you pansy ass liberals messing things up. Iraq is a free market of violence – and you know how free markets correct themselves.

    We’re fine! We’re fine!


    Matt and Tom

  • PS – Fuck man. If Google would ever pick up Centcom.mil news we’d all find out how GREAT things are. Please join me in my fight to get the good military news out there.

  • Best. Comments. Ever.

  • Brian,

    Sorry to go off topic but I hope you noticed Pierre’s comment on one of the threads below… Pierre is a friend of mine and his site has a pretty good readership… I recommended your (excellent) soy post below to him… I hope you’ll stop by his site…

    Now if I could just get you to add my own site to your blogroll….

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