Jack Johnson
OK, so I guess it’s time for somebody here at Plunderbund to weigh in on the proposed (Plunderbund alum) Eric – Matty slugfest. Here it is:

I agree with staff at BSB.

I don’t know where LisaRenee learned that [ignoring personal attacks works], but it is in stark contrast to what I have learned over the last few years. John Kerry. Swift boat. End of story.

Would it be great if we could stick to just the issues? Hells yes! We win every time if the discussion is about just the issues. BUT IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE ISSUES. If you let the right wing take cheap shots unopposed, they dictate the discussion! They dictate the language! It’s how “liberal” got turned into a dirty word. It’s how the “Kerry insulted the troops” propaganda was even able to launch.

So, when Naugle hits with “Liberal men are such pansies” (which is clearly ridiculous), you have two choices. The first is to ignore it, and history has shown that, repeated enough, that statement becomes perceived as fact. The second is to punch back.

Was Eric literally trying to set up a back-alley boxing match? I doubt it. The intent was to put Naugle on the defensive; call his bullshit. If Naugle says yes, you’ve got a wingnut who actually wants to literally fight a Buddhist. If he says no, you’ve got a wingnut who talks big, but is afraid to back it up. Either way, Eric wins: the “liberal men are pansies” meme is squashed early, before it gains steam, and Eric outsmarts a “tough-talking” right-wing authoritarian. Not that the second part is hard.

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