Funny stuff at the Plain Dealer blog- suggesting Scott Pullins stop suing and put on the gloves (Like Eric and Matt).??

Maybe we can get HBO to pick up both fights…

Scott Pullins: Not Larry’s Puppet?

All puffed up over what he claims was a “landmark” legal victory over a Knox County property owners association, Ohio Taxpayers Association honcho Scott Pullins has trained his sights again on an old nemesis, State Rep. Thomas Collier.

On Thursday, Pullins filed a $1 million libel suit against the Mt. Vernon Republican in the Ohio Court of Claims, saying Collier caused him to suffer “physical and mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment and great loss of reputation” after Collier made the following comments about him in a May 21, 2006, story in the Canton Repository.

“Householder had him as a puppet,” the Repository story quotes Collier as saying, referring to Pullins’ close relationship with former House Speaker Larry Householder. “This guy’s in trouble every week. . . . He helps who pays him. He proved himself for who he is. He’s a scoundrel, liar and cheat.”

Pullins originally filed suit against Collier in Knox County, but that suit is being delayed to determine whether proper jurisdiction is the Court of Claims, which hears cases filed against state agencies and employees. Collier has declined to comment on Pullins’ suit.

Since Pullins is a political blogger, maybe he should simply adopt the Bloggers’ Code of Honor and duke it out with Collier. That’s what Eric Vessels over at ProgressOhio has proposed after reading an item in which Matt Naugle, Ken Blackwell’s former blogger, opined that “liberal men are such pansies.”

Now that’s tort reform.

– Ted Wendling,

  • Wait, how does Scott Pullins sue someone else for his “great loss of reputation”?

    Can’t wait to read his deposition about his physical anguish either. I’m sure he’s lost lots of sleep over this.

    By the way, we all knew that there were no other members of Pullins’ Ohio Taxpayers Association, but does his law firm have any other clients?

    Can’t imagine what my managing partner would say if I told him my business plan for the next year was to sit around and figure out all the people I could sue on my own behalf.

    You know the old saying about attorneys who represent themselves in court?

  • “Mr. Pullins”, says the judge, obviously annoyed by the ridiculous law suit she was being forced to hear, “are you telling me that the physical anguish you suffered as a result of the defendent’s comments in a newspaper article caused you to become prematurely bald AND fat?!”

    “Yes. Yes your honor. That is exactly what I am saying”, replies Scott Pullins.? “Also- I occasionaly have fits of temporary retardedness which, my doctor believes, may also be caused by said anguish.”

    “Now THAT I believe, Mr. Pullins”, says the judge with a smirk on her face.

    Everyone in the court room laughs- except Scott- who grins stupidly as he quickly writes in his notebook: “note to self: sue judge”.

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