Wake up, guys…
THIS is exactly the kind of crap that made everyone vote for the democrats this year.?


Lawmakers rushing abortion bill

They want to put into law new limits before Ted Strickland becomes governor.

By Laura A. Bischoff

Staff Writer (Dayton Daily News)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

COLUMBUS ? Ohio lawmakers are moving swiftly to try to pass an anti-abortion bill before Democrat Ted Strickland, who generally supports abortion rights, is sworn in as governor.

“This probably ends any significant pro-life legislation for the next four years,” said state Rep. John White, R-Kettering, chairman of the House Health Committee.?

The committee approved the bill on a 13-8 vote Wednesday. The bill is expected to receive a House floor vote today.

The bill is drastically watered down from the version introduced 18 months ago. The re-written bill would move two practices, that have long been done by executive order or temporary law, into permanent law.

Under the bill, genetic counseling agencies that receive public money in Ohio would be barred from counseling or referring clients to have abortions. Also, an executive order in place since 1994 bans publicly fund abortions in cases where the mother’s physical or mental health is endangered. The bill would make that law.

It also would give anti-abortion groups the right to go to court if abortion clinics are unlicensed or not following their license requirements, White said.