There has been a lot of press and discussion about Redfern’s announced engagement to Kim Kahlert, mainly because he is the head of the Ohio Democratic Party and she?is a registered?Republican.? (the?Paula Abdul?song “Opposites Attract” suddenly?comes to?mind- with Chris?dressed like MC Skat Kat…?)

Kim, I believe, was the recipient of some cash via an inheritence- so when she?says she joined the GOP because of her “opposition to the estate tax”- I say:? who can blame her?

You can’t fault the rich for opposing the estate tax any more than you can fault the poor for supporting an increase in the minimum wage or voting for the candidate promising healthcare for families that can’t afford it.

Why would anyone NOT consider their own economic self interest when voting?

Hell- if more Ohioans would take her lead- we might actually find all our lives improving much faster.

There are, after all, a hell of a lot more lower and middle class voters than there are rich ones.

Anyway- best of luck.?? And keep up the good work.