From the daily archives: Thursday, December 7, 2006

There has been a lot of press and discussion about Redfern’s announced engagement to Kim Kahlert, mainly because he is the head of the Ohio Democratic Party and she?is a registered?Republican.? (the?Paula Abdul?song “Opposites Attract” suddenly?comes to?mind- with Chris?dressed like MC Skat Kat…?)

Kim, I believe, was the recipient of some cash via an inheritence- so when she?says she joined the GOP because of her “opposition to the estate tax”- I say:? who can blame her?

You can’t fault the rich for opposing the estate tax any more than you can fault the poor for supporting an increase in the […]

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McCain is a sellout

On December 7, 2006 By

If stumping for Bush in 2004 after the dirty tactics Bush employed in 2000 wasn’t enough, now McCain has hired the guy who produced the anti-Ford ad that hinted at miscegenation as a campaign manager.

McCain enlisted Nelson as an adviser back in March, months before the bimbo eruption. But by putting out this ad, which provoked charges of racism across the country, Nelson made himself politically radioactive — so much so that Wal-Mart dumped Nelson as a consultant after the controversy exploded. But Nelson’s ad hasn’t rendered him too radioactive for McCain, apparently — McCain’s essentially given […]

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