Gerrymandering has turned blue-state Ohio into a strongly red state:

While Democrats won nearly 53 percent of the congressional votes statewide, only about 39 percent of Ohioans will be represented next year by Democrats in Congress.

That?s the biggest so-called “wrong winner” disparity in the country from the 2006 midterm elections, says the nonpartisan

Despite Democrats winning 10,000 more votes in Franklin County, all three of our congressional representatives (assuming the OH-15 recount matches the original count) will be Republicans. We have this same problem with state House and Senate seats. My hope is that, when the opportunity presents itself, Democrats give us [i]fair[/i] districting. My hopes are not high, given their general apathy towards last year’s Reform Ohio Now issues.

Ever wonder why Republicans (and the wingnuts) fought against those election issues so strongly in 2005? Now you have your answer. Elections have consequences.

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