While certain right-leaning bloggers?may disagree,?this generation of happy, College Republican campers?has been moving away from the?’big tent’?message pushed by the GOP.??

Gays, immigrants, foreigners, poor people… “Not in MY big tent” seems to be their attitude- at at any cost.

Below are just a few examples…

Local voter registration questioned by Texas A&M students
Battalion, The (Texas A&M University) (TX) — November 9, 2000??
COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Tuesday’s presidential election proved that every vote does count, but some Texas A&M University students expected to have the opportunity to vote, but could not.

“When the College Republican workers came out to the Callaway House on Sept. 18 to register voters for this election, I registered under the assumption that the College Republicans would be responsible enough to turn my application in,” said Josh Collins, a sophomore business major.? “But when I attempted to vote on Tuesday, I was denied, being told that I had not registered.”


Kerry targets GOP over offensive T-shirts…
Associated Press Archive – September 26, 2003
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is appealing for donations
in an e-mail accusing college Republicans of allowing the sale of racist
and anti-gay T-shirts
at a convention this summer.

Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel condemned the T-shirts …


Web Site Photos Raise Ire
Centre Daily Times (State College, PA) – December 5, 2003
UNIVERSITY PARK — The discovery of a photograph of a partygoer
in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan reference posted on the personal
Web page of the Penn State College Republicans’ president?
drew outrage from university officials and student groups Thursday.
College Republicans’ President Brian P. Battaglia refused to apologize…


Whites-Only Scholarship Gathers Support
Press of Atlantic City, The (NJ) – February 18, 2004 — A whites-only
at Roger Williams University has generated hundreds of
supportive e-mails and promises of financial support, according to
the student group that created it as a statement against affirmative


Political direct-mail solicitor targets elderly with aggressive letters?
Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News – October 28, 2004
The College Republican National Committee has raised nearly $8 million this year through
an aggressive and misleading fund-raising campaign that collected money from senior citizens
who thought they were giving to the election efforts of President Bush and other top Republicans.
Many of the top donors were in their 80s and 90s. The donors wrote checks – sometimes hundreds and,
in at least two cases, totaling more than $100,000 to groups with official sounding-names


Work for Democratic change?
Daily Campus, The (University of Connecticut) (CT) – September 20, 2006
(U-WIRE) STORRS, Conn. — The College Republicans are probably best known for making
Ann Coulter $16,000 richer to come here and tell us that if she had a gay son, she
would tell him he’s adopted. But providing easy money to Ann Coulter is not all they
are known for. Some famous former College Republicans include super conservative
lobbyist and admitted felon Jack Abramoff, as well as the almost-indicted Karl Rove.


Washington State U. College Republicans’ demonstration sparks controversy?
Daily Evergreen (Washington State University) (WA) – November 13, 2006?
(U-WIRE) PULLMAN, Wash. — A 24-foot chain-link fence placed on the?Glenn
Terrell Mall on Nov. 2 by the Washington State University College Republicans
has become something of a battleground in recent days. WSU faculty,?College
Republicans and other students allegedly fired racist and derogatory comments
toward each other, groups said. More than 10 minutes of footage was videotaped
the College Republicans and posted on YouTube.com on Wednesday.