Fine, Speaker-Elect Pelosi is thinking about giving the GOP just that, except not the kind of bipartisanship they really care about. Via the Hill:

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has drafted legislation that would grant soon-to-be-unemployed Republicans severance pay while they look for jobs after Democrats take over control of the chamber on Jan. 4, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Democratic aides have kept details of the proposed severance package secret, such as how much former Republican aides would receive and who would be eligible for compensation. And it is not certain that Pelosi will introduce the resolution on the House floor at all.

Aides do the gruntwork in Washington. They write our laws, take care of constituent services, and fill the basic roles that keep America turning. Through crafty legislation, DC politicians have ensured their salaries go up every year while they have largely forgotten the aides that do the most work for our nation. The Speaker-elect?s bill is a testament to both bipartisan spirit, and appreciation for the hard work these men and women have given for their nation.

And for curious minds, the Senate already has a hefty benefits package that allows aides to receive compensation up to two months after they lose their jobs. One of my dear friends in Senator DeWine’s office certainly needs that pay as she looks for work elsewhere. However, she’s not sad. She voted against her boss.